If you prefer not to buy ready-made clothes but understand the necessity to be yourself in what you wear, you have found the right way to meet your needs. To achieve this, have clothes made especially for you, according to your measurements and taste. One more indisputable advantage is the durability of such garments that allows you to save costs of buying new items. When you get your suit or dress made by a professional tailor, in correspondence with your lifestyle and colour type, you will wear and enjoy it for a long time.

With its 25 years in the industry, For True Style offers you a great variety of tailoring services in its well-equipped and professional studio.

We understand the importance of individuality for your comfort and style improvement. A perfect fit for your body proportions is what we will help you to achieve with our expert tailoring services. We offer perfect solutions for men, women and children.

A Variety of Tailoring Services

Some of our tailoring services include:

  • casual dresses;
  • special occasion dresses;
  • tunics and skittles;
  • skirts;
  • trousers and shorts;
  • suits;
  • shirts and T-shirts;
  • jackets;
  • blouses;
  • hats and caps;
  • outerwear;
  • graduation attire;
  • dress shirts and slacks;
  • loose upholstery, cushions, curtains, and many more.

We sew everything that you may need for your perfect lifestyle and well-being, for both adults and children.

Our experienced and professional staff can handle any design and alterations working with all types of fabrics including suede, leather, silk, linen, cotton, satin, chiffon and different grades of wool.

We sell ready-made clothes of our brand, such as jackets, hats and caps. They are sewn by our expert staff. While you need to order a jacket in advance to find it in stock, hats and caps are always available in our online boutique. You can purchase these attractive accessories for your wardrobe any time.

We also pick up fabrics for your order. You can choose the best option in our catalogues. Or you can ask our managers to help you with the choice. We sell thin English tweed and a number of textiles for your apparel and upholstery. You can order other types of cloth and we will readily provide you with samples.


You will get a lot of perks and benefits from us. They involve:

1.    Unique Style

A lot of people want to find their own style because not everything provided by manufacturers fits them. We can add a unique button model, nice-looking collar or cuff design with our custom tailoring service.

2.    Unique Design

If you strive to look different from others, we will help you. Our expert designers can develop a model that will implement your personal style.

3.    Cloth Quality

Sometimes, when you go shopping for clothes, you feel that, even if the design fits you, the quality of fabric does not meet your expectations. With us, you can choose your favourite material of very good quality which will last you for years.

4.    Experienced and Expert Staff

All our tailors and contractors have a minimum of 15-17 years of experience. They can deal with any type of sewing work, of any complexity.

5.    A Great Variety of Tailoring Types

We offer unique design and custom tailoring, fittings, alterations, hand-made finishing, bespoke tailoring and many other services according to your requirements.

6.    Brand-New Equipment and Hand-Made Finishing

Our expert tailors work on state-of-the-art equipment. All the decorative works are performed by hand, with great care and thorough consideration of all your needs.

Come to our studio if you need to refresh your clothes and improve your style. Our tailors will help you with your projects and provide useful advice.

For True Style offers a welcome discount for your first order as well as beneficial multi-order discounts. Order your perfect clothing from us right now.

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