Clothes Duplication

If you have a clothing item that you have literally worn to pieces, it is not the right size for you now, or you just want to have the same thing but in another colour or pattern, you have arrived at the right destination. For True Style provides a clothes duplication service which is high-end and of the best quality.

With its 25 years in the industry, For True Style offers you a perfect clothing copy for an affordable price. Our well-equipped professional studio is ready to make the duplication with the fabric you have brought or select it on our own. That will be a perfect solution for you if you need your favourite item in perfect condition again.

A Variety of Clothing Items for Duplication

We provide duplication services for a lot of types of clothing items. They include:

  • blouses and shirts;
  • dresses and skirts;
  • pants, slacks and shorts;
  • robes and pyjamas, and many more.

We can duplicate them with or without disassembling the original item. However, you need to be prepared to have your item pulled to pieces.

Our experienced staff can work with any type of fabrics.

The Procedure

The overall procedure of clothes duplication is as follows:

  1. You bring the item you want to duplicate and the fabric or we pick out the fabric ourselves.
  2. We take a pattern of this ready-made clothing.
  3. Then, the measurements are taken in case you have changed your size.
  4. We produce the same item with a new pattern and fabric and receive one more satisfied client.

You need to consider that sometimes it is impossible to select exactly the same thread, buttons, snaps, zippers, etc., so your copy may look a bit different even though it is exactly the same size. Be prepared to receive a bit of a new item and enjoy it in a bit of a different style.

Our Benefits

For True Style is a unique creative tailoring and clothes duplication studio which provides a lot of benefits to its customers. They involve:

  • uniqueness;
  • high-end quality;
  • individual approach to every client;
  • attention to detail;
  • experienced and expert staff with a minimum of 15-17 years of work in the field;
  • a great variety of clothing duplication options;
  • brand-new equipment and hand-made finishing;
  • creativity and innovations;
  • professional advice and recommendations.

Come to our studio and you will receive a lot of positive experience and a new You.

For True Style offers a pleasant welcome discount for your first order as well as beneficial multi-order discounts.


Order your favourite clothing duplication from us right now.

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