Macrame Course

Mastering the art of macrame is thrilling. Are you a creative person, DIY macrame dreamer or lover of handmade items? This is a perfect way to unleash your creativity and engage your brain. This macrame course at beginners’ level will offer great opportunities when spending your time at home.

Look at the best offer from our For True Style creative studio. You will start with the very basics – the main knots, basic patterns and techniques, settings for your workstation and a lot of beginner macrame projects for constant practice.

Discover this art with us. Learn how to use knotting for making elegant plant pot holders, jewellery, bedroom wall hangings and many more. Start experimenting with colour and design and you will be able to create perfect works of art from the comfort of your living room.

Our classes are for both adults and children. If you are a complete beginner or know just something about macrame from online presentations and workshops, want your child to learn how to do macrame projects or prefer to try something new, you are welcome to our classes which are held twice a week.

The course of 8-10 classes will become a great beginning for your macrame journey to the decorative design of your environment. You will enhance your well-being and get a lot of enjoyment from this delightful hobby. Try this option right now.

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What Is Macrame?

The first recorded notes about the macrame-style decorations date back to the carvings of the Assyrians and Babylonians. Can we assume that this type of decorative art is as old as that? Plaitings and braidings on the costumes of people depicted on the walls support the idea. For True Style creative studio is proud that we can continue this ancient craft now.

Macrame enjoyed its best popularity during the Victorian epoch. The items made in this style, such as bedspreads, tablecloths and curtains, decorated the homes of wealthy people. Even sailors made macrame objects when they were not busy with their duties at sea. Then, they sold or bartered these crafted things in the ports of destination.

Though macrame lost a bit of its popularity in the 20th century, the early 1980s saw its rise again. Now, it is an art revived by millennials.

What You Will Learn from Us

For True Style, creativity studio has been teaching macrame classes for adults and children for about 6 years. We are happy to follow your progress and support all unique ideas that appear in the process of learning.

Our course is designed for those who:

With our For True Style studio, you will learn how to:

With the support of our professional and friendly instructors and the creative community, you will make leaps in your self-development and personal growth.

Whatever the reason for learning how to do macrame can be for you, our classes are designed to make the learning process a true breeze – just your hands and some cord will work wonders!

Learn everything you need about macrame in our course in groups of 5-8 people with our experienced instructors, from complete basics to true mastery. We will issue a certificate about the course completion from For True Style to prove your skills.

Register for the course right now and you will be delighted with the discount.

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