Hirudo Therapy: Introduction and Benefits

Hirudo Therapy or leech therapy has been used in medicine since the times of Ancient Egypt. We see the revival of this method nowadays because of its simple and inexpensive application. It is great for wellness and anti-ageing treatment being a multifunctional regenerating means.

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What is Hirudo Therapy

Leech therapy affects the body at the level of microcirculation and it consists of three factors: reflectory, mechanical, and biological:


The application is very straightforward. Live leeches get attached to the specific area and draw blood from it. Within this process, they release peptides and proteins that thin blood. That prevents the death of tissues because of the increased blood circulation in them. In that way, they can heal a lot of diseases and restore your well-being and beauty.


Since up to 100 bioactive agents are injected into the body during each run, the efficacy of this method is amazing.

The positive effects of Hirudo Therapy are numerous. Among them, we can point out:

The list of issues and disorders that can be treated, healed, and improved by leech therapy are endless. You can undergo this procedure if you want to boost your wellbeing and stay healthy and active for long.


Hirudo Therapy has no peers in cosmetology. It is second to none in facelifting and tackling hair loss and even baldness.

It can also help people who risk losing their soft tissues during different plastic surgery procedures. Leech saliva contains secretion rich in proteins and peptides that can fight blood clots. Blood is promoted to wounds and heals them.

When used for healing wounds after facial reconstructive surgery, leeches increase the positive effects of nose, forehead, cheek, breast, and toes and fingers reconstruction. The body recovers completely and more naturally in this way.

Other Uses

There are many cases when leech therapy is very useful apart from plastic surgery. For example, it helps avoid limb amputations as a result of diabetes as well as promote better blood flow for those who suffer from heart disease. 

This method can also be administered to those who suffer from varicose veins and blood clots.

The leech saliva contains chemicals that are helpful in hypertension, arthritis, haemorrhoids, skin problems, and varicose veins. Recent studies have shown a good effect in osteoarthritis because leech saliva has anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Final Thoughts

Even if it seems a bit strange for you to apply leeches in the present-day medical treatment, Hirudo Therapy is worth a try. This method has been relied upon for centuries, so there are no reasons why it shouldn’t be used in modern medicine.

The amazing healing properties of leech saliva provide a more natural way of healing free from synthetic chemicals and toxins. That is why Hirudo Therapy may turn out to be even much more beneficial than we all have ever expected.


£ 95
One Session
£ 240
Three Sessions
£ 425
Five Sessions
£ 850
Ten Sessions

Usually, one session includes two leeches. In some cases, the treatment would require more. There would be an extra £9.00 for each.

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