Crochet Course

This is a crocheting course at the beginners’ level. Let’s start with essentials to go on a journey to the world of advanced crochet masterpieces.

Explore what our For True Style creative studio offers you. You will learn stitches, tools, and techniques with our step-by-step instructions. As you learn to understand the basics of crocheting, you will find opportunities to continue with different types of projects, such as blankets, mittens, dishcloths, rugs, hanging planters, hats, and granny squares.

Our classes are for both adults and children. If you are a complete beginner or want your child to learn how to crochet, you are welcome to our classes which are held twice a week.

The course of 8-10 classes will become a great beginning for your crocheting fun and inspiration. We will show you many health and well-being benefits coming from the complete relaxation and immersion into this mindful and rhythmic activity. It will become your delightful hobby for life. You can start with us right now.

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What Is Crocheting?

Crochet is a perfect alternative to knitting. It has become immensely popular with craft lovers. Its versatility and relative simplicity allow for quick creation of finished pieces.

Learn crocheting as one of the oldest crafts in the world. It is labelled today as the new ‘Mental Yoga’.

Discover  the techniques of crochet and you’ll gain an enjoyable and useful hobby. The word ‘crochet’ means ‘hook’. Unlike in knitting, only one hook is used here. The basic technique entails pulling one loop of thread through another.

Crochet work is elaborate and fine. It requires patience and creativity. So, it is your great chance to develop them in yourself. With the For True Style studio, you will be able to create highly decorative woven fabric. And who knows – probably after our course some of you will take it up as an individual designer work or a business.

What You Will Learn from Us

For True Style, the creative studio has been conducting crocheting classes for grown-ups and children for about 6 years. We are delighted to see your progress and your amazing ideas that appear in the process of learning.

Our course is for those who:

With us, you will learn how to:

You will be able to choose the yarn and hooks correctly, use the online resources, and improve your mastery.

With the support of our professional and friendly instructors and the creative community, you will make leaps in your self-development and personal growth.

Whatever the reason for learning how to crochet can be for you, our crocheting classes are designed to make learning this amazing occupation a true breeze.

Find out everything you would like to know about crocheting in our course in groups of 5-8 people with our experienced instructors, from the complete basics to the true mastery. We will issue a certificate about the course completion from For True Style to prove your skills.

Register for the course right now and you will get a pleasant discount.

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