Bespoke Shopping

Everyone wants their clothes to fit them perfectly and express their personality via what they wear. If you are looking for a particular type of clothing, be it everyday wardrobe or something for a special occasion, you may come across some difficulties. You may need help with the right choice and someone beside you for assistance.

For True Style suggests having an enjoyable shopping tour together to find the items which will be perfect for you.

Guided by more than 25 years of experience and profound knowledge and feel for style, our expert specialists will provide you with the best shopping for clothes you will wear for ages.

We offer one-person individual tours and consultations, or bespoke shopping in a group of up to 3 people. The service is provided within 3 days and only one of them is a shopping tour to Westfield in London or Bicester Village shopping malls according to the client’s budget which is discussed beforehand. We can also order some items and accessories which do not need thorough measurements online.

Be aware that sometimes we need more thorough research in your colour palette and lifestyle, so it can take about 2 weeks to complete your order.

For True Style understands the importance of individual expression so we do our best to help you to achieve the most comfort, style improvement, and complete well-being.

We are working for you. Call us or browse the website to learn more.

Benefits You Will Get

For True Style offers a personal shopping experience and care you are unlikely to find somewhere else. You will get the following benefits here.

Rediscover Your Own Sense of Style

You will feel more confident in your future shopping tours because we will provide you with the feeling of your own unique style that is not similar to anyone else’s.

Save Costs

If you know exactly what you want, you will never make spontaneous purchases again. Making the right choices is sure to save costs and effort. We will select the proper clothing for you at affordable prices in strict correspondence with your budget.

Explore Different Brands

It is a great experience for everyone because even the most popular of high-end brands can fit you poorly. You will be introduced to new labels and boutiques of famous companies which you will enjoy and come back to again and again.

Receive Personal Consultations with Individual Approach

Our experts will provide you with interesting and useful consultations and advice on your style and characteristic features, the colour palette and the best matching outfits for your specific needs. Customising your wardrobe to your needs is the most important benefit we are ready to provide you with.

Get to Know Yourself Better

We will do thorough research of your figure, make a colour analysis, and advise on the most appropriate types of clothing in accordance with your figure type and complexion characteristics. You will get a true feeling of yourself, your needs and ways of self-expression which will stay with you forever.


Your personal bespoke shopping experience with ForTrueStyle includes:

  • Placing an order on our website. Complete a pre-questionnaire to identify a session brief and focus. You have to indicate clothes you need and what you need them for to proceed with the first acquaintance meeting. The order processing may take up to 2 weeks. Photos may be provided on request.
  • The first appointment. After your order has been processed, our representative will contact you to appoint the first meeting. Within our first session, our expert will take your measurements, ask questions on your lifestyle and needs, make the colour analysis and explain the peculiarities of your figure. It is not a colour lesson, although we can provide you with a complete individual colour palette of 300 hues and tones for an additional fee.
  • One more indoor session. It will include style advice considering body shape and guidance on clothing that will fit and flatter you as well as expert style tips and chat providing confidence and direction for future style choices to suit your lifestyle. You will get a lot of inspiration from identifying clothing to complement your current wardrobe. You will be able to ask any questions and share your doubts and concerns as well.
  • A shopping session. You will be taken to the shopping centre by private car. The session lasts about 4.5 hours including lunch. It usually starts at 9-10 in the morning and lasts until approximately 42o’clock in the afternoon. Shopping sessions are never conducted in the evening.
  • You will have a chance to have lunch on site either together with our expert for further communication (you can order it for an additional fee) or alone to have time to rest and consider all the options. The time for lunch is usually 30-45 minutes and after that we can continue the shopping tour.


Come to For True Style if you are striving for personal changes. Start making alterations now and we will be happy to help you with any projects and ideas related to your wardrobe.

For True Style offers a welcome discount if you are a new client as well as a convenient loyalty programme if you have used our services before. Bring a friend with you and you will get credits.

Order your perfect fashion and style shopping experience from us right now.

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