Knitting Course

Knitting is the course where you are going to find a lot of inspiration. Explore what For True Style offers you. We will teach a wide variety of techniques, topics, and use of tools in our studio.

We have classes both for adults and children. If you are a complete beginner or want your child to learn how to knit, come to our basic classes which are held twice a week.

The course of 8-10 classes will become a great beginning for your amazing knitting journey. You can start creating exciting accessories, clothes and crafts with us right now.

Find more information by contacting us online.

What Is Knitting: Going to the Origins

Knitting is not something associated with grandmas who stay up in their cosy chairs making warm mittens and socks for their grandchildren. You may remember the quiet clacking of needles within long winter evenings.

However, it is not just a hobby to take up when you are retired. Knitting is about something more than that. It is all about the art which appeared about 1000 years ago.

People of all generations, adults and children, housewives and business ladies, even men and young boys can start doing that because it helps to relax and has a positive effect on your well-being and mental health.

What You Will Learn from Us

For True Style, creativity studio has been conducting knitting classes for grown-ups and children for about 6 years. We are happy to see the first successful steps of our grateful clients and encourage them to continue.

We know that learning the techniques for making scarves, sweaters or hats is a lengthy process. So, we will start with the basics of knitting and what you need to know before you pick up your first needles.

You will learn how to:

With the support of our professional and friendly instructors and the creative community, you will make leaps in your self-development and personal growth.

Whatever the reason for learning how to knit can be for you, our knitting classes are crafted to make learning this amazing occupation, with its first stitches and a lot of fun, a true breeze.

Learn everything you would like to know about knitting in our course in groups of 5-8 people with our experienced instructors, from complete basics to the true nitty-gritty, and become a pro. We will issue a certificate about the course completion from For True Style to prove your mastery.

Register for the course right now and you will get a pleasant discount.

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