Worm Tea

The most severe problem which gardening enthusiasts may encounter is the weakening of soil because of chemical treatment. It becomes dry and sterile. You can encounter completely bare lawns and gardens which cannot produce any plants.

Worm tea is a great solution. It can help renovate and restructure the soil and enrich it with microbes, bacteria, and moisture which are so necessary for healthy plant growth.

What Stands Behind Worm Tea

Worm tea is not tea in its literal meaning. You cannot drink it, of course. It is an organic liquid fertilizer that is made of worm castings soaked in water. The matter comes from worms feeding on the organic materials from the soil and compost and then produce manure. It is castings that are rich in useful microbes and nutrients. To make worm tea, you can just leave the worm casting immersed in water overnight and then use it as a natural fertilizer for your garden.

Benefits Of Worm Tea

The benefits of worm tea are obvious:

Uses Of Worm Tea

There are several ways of using worm tea for gardening purposes. Here are some of the most common ones.

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